Magnolia Multimedia
Saucier, Mississippi
(228) 832-5570

About Us

Whether your Authorware project has gotten to be a bit more than your in-house talent can handle or you want to start a new project off on the right foot, you've come to the right place.

Magnolia Multimedia is a woman-owned business that has been involved with the Authorware community for many years. The President of Magnolia Multimedia, Amy Blankenship, has worked on projects large and small. She's been involved in every phase of creating quality Computer Based training, from drafting the instructional media design plan to delivering the final product on the web. The vice president of Magnolia Multimedia, Steve Howard, is a very well known expert with Authorware and other technologies. Some of Magnolia's specialty areas include:

  • Helping you decide what your training needs are and how to meet them (requirements definition)
  • Working with your Subject Matter Experts to get clear, concise storyboards (instructional design)
  • Building reusable templates and tools that can be used by entry level developers (high end programming)
  • Creating attractive graphics that are optimized for Authorware and training your designers to do the same
  • Designing and building realistic Software and Hardware Simulations
  • Delivering your training over the web, CD-ROM, or from the hard drive on Mac or PC
  • Training your staff how to build and/or use custom templates and models
  • Office Automation tools to enhance and supplement your e.learning projects
  • Delivering training on mobile devices
  • Adding other media types for more impact
    • Flash
    • Video
    • Microsoft® Agent
    • Text-To-Speech
  • Using external data
    • XML
    • Local Databases
    • Web Databases (via ASP)
    • Text files

Some of the clients Amy has worked for, both before starting Magnolia and since:

  • United States Air Force
  • United States Navy
  • United States Department of Labor
  • Mark Steiner, Inc.
  • AM General

View Amy's resume to learn more about her specific qualifications and experience, or e.mail her directly.