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  • Eleven years of experience in interactive training design and production including working closely with Subject Matter Experts to develop instructionally sound storyboards that take advantage of the media being used
  • Over twelve years of experience in the field of graphic design
  • Recognized expert in training systems development, particularly data driven engines
  • Intensive experience with web technologies, including Dreamweaver, ASP with SQL Server and Microsoft Access, DHTML, and CSS
  • Proficiency with supporting graphics tools, such as Freehand, Fireworks, and Flash
  • Microsoft Office Automation, including Add-in development
  • "Insider" knowledge of coming trends in the industry

Employment results

  • November 2002-Present – President, Magnolia Multimedia

    My commitment to you, the client, is to see to it that you get the highest quality product possible – on time and within budget.

  • Job Corps Data Center, San Marcos, TX – Training Specialist, March 2001-November 2002

    Task: Provide computer-based training to support live teleconference training on a new software release.

    Results: Created one course of training that is designed to support and run in conjunction with distance instructor led training (IPTV). Developed a template using WinCtrls and Microsoft Agent in Authorware to develop approximately three hours of highly interactive training in a short time frame. Was responsible for creating all graphic elements, as well as working directly with Subject Matter Experts and technical writers to produce all storyboards. The training was later converted to be launched directly from the Help for just-in-time training on specific topics.

    Task: Make a test for Security training available from the web.

    Results: Developed a limited Learning Management System that uses ASP and JavaScript to provide Security training on a tight deadline.

    Task: Create web-based training for new web applications.

    Created a web-based course that uses Text-To-Speech and other technologies to create a media-rich learner experience with low bandwidth requirements under heavy deadline pressure.

    Created a series of just-in-time web-based CBT’s that consist of models that can be put together by a relatively unskilled worker to quickly create a course.

    While creating these courses, I have also had the responsibility for supporting the Data Center by providing graphic services, including logos and several Flash animations.

  • Litton Data Systems Division/Litton Marine Systems, Ocean Springs, MS - Senior Engineering Instructor, Jan. 1999 – March 2001

    Task: Program updates in four legacy courses produced by another company; program six new courses to resemble the original four

    Results: Developed and implemented processes to increase the efficiency of the entire team. Used the knowledge gained in upgrading the older courses to develop a modular architecture that reduced programming time dramatically below expectations for the new courses and reduced error rate and rework time. With the time gained, I was to support additional work, including developing original storyboards with Subject Matter Experts and conduct research and development activities. Some of the architectures produced in the research and development promise to reduce programming costs to a tiny fraction of the previous cost.

  • Sun Herald Newspaper, Gulfport, MS - Advertising Graphic Designer,

    Nov.-Dec. 1998

    Task: Work with a six-person team of sales associates and designers to meet the design needs of newspaper advertisers in print and on the World Wide Web using Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Netscape Fusion

    Result: Efficient use of time resulted in a complete elimination of backlog. Used additional time to develop innovative solutions to boost sales and develop web pages for potential customers. Used knowledge of HTML to increase appeal of such pages.

  • Litton-PRC, Inc., Biloxi, MS - Oct. 1996-Oct.1997

    Task: Produce all media elements for 10 hours of interactive courseware

    Results: Produced media elements with various graphic, video, and sound packages for an interactive course on physics. When an off-site programmer proved unreliable, performed the bulk of the programming for an additional Computer Based Training program which was designed to emulate a DOS based forecasting program.

  • Signal Graphics Printing, Gulfport, MS – Graphic Designer, 1993-1995

    Task: Design and produce camera-ready art for identification systems, advertising, and publication using Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, and Aldus Freehand.

    Results: Gained a reputation for effective design and on-time delivery.


Mississippi State University, 1993. Cum Laude BFA in Graphic Design and Photography.

Various industry conferences, including TAAC, EuroTAAC, ITSEC, and DevLearn.


  • TAAC 2006, Database basics
  • Macromedia Authorware 7 beta site, March-July 2003.
  • Eye Candy for Authorware, Macromedia Authorware Developers' Center
  • Macromedia Authorware 6.5 beta site, June-September 2002.
  • Adobe Community Expert for eLearning.
  • Graphics and layout for 2002 and 2003 websites
  • EuroTAAC, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2002-2007, multiple presentations.
  • Texas Authorware Workshop, Dallas, TX July 2001. Presented "Making Icon Relationships work for You."
  • Macromedia Authorware 6 beta site, June-August 2001.
  • ICARE customer satisfaction award, Litton Data Systems, Ocean Springs, MS, November 2000.
  • Employee of the Month, Litton Data Systems, Ocean Springs, MS, September, 2000.
  • Litton Value Improvement Symposium, San Diego, CA, September, 2000. Presented "Using Modular Logic in Interactive Multimedia Software Development."
  • ICARE customer satisfaction award, Litton Data Systems, Ocean Springs, MS, May 2000.
  • Featured on Macromedia Authorware Support web page Using Modular Logic in Authorware, July, 1999.